Drawings and Reports

Phase 2 – The Report
Here’s a link to the revised version of the report that was presented on Dec 17, 2013.
It’s a 32MB download, so if you can’t access it, email us and ask for a copy.
Thanks to the Carleton University School of Architecture team for their excellent work.
Combermere / Wilno Revised Report

Phase 2 – The Video
This video was put together by Stephen Wolba, one of the 2013 Carleton University School of Architecture team.  He showed it at the Community Presentation on Dec 17.  Enjoy!
Working with the Communities of the Madawaska Valley 

Barry’s Bay Final Report
Click here for the final report of the 2012 Class “Greening Barry’s Bay – Madawaska Valley”.

Proposed Designs for Mad Outdoors
Click here for Don Webb’s drawings
of components for the billboard and space beside Mad Outdoors. (pdf file – 17 mb)

Some Ideas from Chile
Wood, Rock and Green: Ideas from a small town in Chile
 (pdf file – 8 mb)

Some Student Ideas
Here are some of the ideas the students came up with for signs at entrances to the Township and the three villages – Barry’s Bay, Combermere, and Wilno.

Proposed signs for the entrances to the township


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