Mad Outdoors Sept 2013 – Don Webb

This first drawing is a proposed design for entrance signs.  The idea is to have several of these signs – at the boundaries of the Township and at the entrances to each of Combermere, Barry’s Bay, and Wilno.

The rest of these  drawings are for the space at the side of Mad Outdoors, across from the Esso Station.  The plan is to use planters and provide sitting space, as well has mount a billboard with information about the Greening project.

Don Webb created the drawings based in part on the ideas of the Carleton students who visited Barry’s Bay in 2012.  Don provided some notes to go along with his designs.
Boulders and rocks
The area has a number of geological occurrences that are regionally and provincially renowned. Using examples of these in the form of boulders would be nice and help promote geologic tourism in the area.
Rose quartz from Palmer Rapids and Corundum from Combermere are examples. Rocks suitable for seating are also resistant to weather, vandalism, …and fire!
Personally I like weathered cedar logs, but peeled fresh cedar, clear-coated also works. The point is White cedar (Thuja occidentalis) has a natural resistance to decay and is a bit less prone to bleeding sap as with our pines. I would also like to put forward that the High School’s shop class might be interested with helping build the planters. They would be a great way to learn how to build with logs in the area’s traditional way.

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