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2 Responses to Contact Information

  1. Bill Schroeder says:

    Greening Main Street crosswalks

    I agree that a series of pedestrian crosswalks would improve the walk-ability of downtown Barry’s Bay but I think the one illustrated in the photograph in the December 12 issue of This Week is in the wrong location and should be moved further east.
    A link between Afelskies and Boards does not strike me as one that pedestrians are clamouring for, but just think of how often one sees people jaywalking between Stedmans and Phramasave. At times this location already seems to be an unofficial crosswalk as motorists, at least locals, regularly pause to allow parents with young children, the elderly, or their friends to cross the street without having to backtrack to the intersection. A formalized crosswalk would make this passage safer and have the additional benefit of linking to the envisioned enhanced “Pathway” to the Metro parking lot between Stedmans and Mad Outdoors.
    If a crosswalk between street intersections is not permitted, perhaps due to Ministry of Transportation regulations, the planners should at least consider locating the crosswalk on the east side of the Dunn Street/Opeongo Line intersection. This would still provide a useful connection between the Pharmasave/Post Office side of the street and CatNap, Afelskies and the Dunn Street businesses on the other, and, during busy traffic times at least, some of the Pharmasave/Stedmans jaywalkers might consider a 30m detour to cross the street more safely.
    If we are going to add crosswalks, let’s put them in logical places that correspond to existing pedestrian traffic flows. When I am running errands downtown I regularly walk between 4-5 buildings (often meeting the seem people in each one) and I know I would regularly use a crosswalk between Stedmans and Pharmasave. I can only envision rare occasions when I would use the crosswalk as located in the photograph.

    Bill Schroeder

  2. Bernadine Roslyn says:

    That whole downtown block tends to be one big crosswalk, doesn’t it?
    Thanks for participating in the discussion, Bill.