Update for Summer 2017

Our Greening project continues to do its part to make our community more inviting, more welcoming, and more pleasant to live in.

Current projects include a Bench and Bike rack at the Railway Station Visitor Centre, a garden / sitting space at the corner of Dunn St. by Afelskies Shoes and the mini-park near Mad Outdoors.  The Madawaska Valley Horticultural Society is our partner in these projects, contributing the living / green components.

On Come Wander
Here’s a lovely article Natalie Robinson contributed to the Ontario’s Highlands Come Wander site.

We have photos!
the National Canoe Day paddle from Barry’s Bay to Combermere held in late June and
the Experiential Tourism Workshop held this spring at Madawaska Kanu Centre.

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Winter 2015 – Greening the Opeongo Line Revitalization

The Greening Project has played an important part in the upcoming revitalization of Opeongo Line.  Ideas from the Carleton students as well as comments and suggestions from Project supporters have resulted in a true revitalization plan, with crosswalks, planters and a green strip in addition to improved traffic flow.

We could have just repaved Main Street and put in the turning lane near Sandhill Drive and Tim Hortons.  Instead we are using the Greening Committee’s work and Carleton’s plans to enhance our town,” commented Craig Kelley, MV Township Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) / Clerk.

Supporters of Greening Main Street and members of the steering committee were active in promoting the Greening Project vision at the information session and during the comment period.

Below are a drawing submitted by Don Webb and a concept drawing.  For more information and plan drawings please go to the Township website.


Prepared by Don Webb

Prepared by Don Webb



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Phase 2 – Combermere and Wilno – Open House

The Open House at the Combermere Rec Centre

Jim Mountain and his 2013 Heritage Architecture class from Carleton University were in the area the weekend of October 18 to 20 to initiate Phase 2 of the Madawaska Valley Greening Main Street Project.  They met with people in Combermere and Wilno with a view to Greening those communities.

The students will now compile the information they gathered and inject their own experience and creativity to come up with a report.  That report will provide ideas and suggestions with an eye to making better use of the advantages and solving some of the problems identified by residents.  We hope to have that report by the end of 2013 or early in 2014.

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A Streetscape from New England

Gary and Miriam Hedderson shared this photo of a Main Street in a small town near Boston.

Similar designs can be seen in small (and not wealthy) towns in Vermont and New Hampshire.  This one we thought was the best.  They have parallel parking on the main street with additional parking behind the stores.  This allows for a wider boulevard on one side.  They have installed lockblock space in front of the businesses there.  It is wide and pedestrian friendly, with the addition of benches and trees.  All of this could have been done in stages with a long range plan in place. 

An idea would be to do this on our main street on the south side of Opeongo Line from Madawaska Outdoors to the Cat Nap & Lazy Dog.  We haven’t the width of street as shown in the picture, but could even eliminate parking on that side to give extra width.  There is lots of additional parking behind the Post office.   Again, it doesn’t have to all happen next week – plan long range, do the infrastructure.  Benches, trees, raised beds etc. could be donated!

We think that both residents and visitors would appreciate an attractive streetscape and a reason to spend time and to do business in the downtown area.

Thank-you for sharing!


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Five Essential Elements of a place-making campaign

An interesting article describing features of a successful area improvement project.
(with thanks to Jim Mountain)

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Madawaska Valley makes the news at Carleton University


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When:    Thursday May 2nd, 2013 ~ 7 – 9 PM

Where:  Seniors Centre in Barry’s Bay

Facilitators: Claudia Van Wijk, MKC and Jim Mountain, Cartleton University professor

AGENDA:   This meeting is to engage the community.  We will be building a Plan of Action around Key Projects listed below.  We will decide on a Structure and form Committees for each numbered  Category.  Each Committees will choose a leader, set a timeline, highlight priorities and address funding.



1.       Storefront Design

2.       Signage:  Entrances (3) into Barry’s Bay

3.       Map of Town – moved to South of 60

4.       Parking


1.       Sponsored Tree boxes and Benches (consistent design around town)

2.       Maintenance


1.       Public Dock

2.       Signage to Waterfront

3.       Beach beautification (Waste Treatment Plant )


Carleton’s professor, Jim Mountain has spent countless hours compiling the final Report from his Heritage Class students into one document, which will be posted on our www.greeningmainstreet-mv.org  site before May 1st.   Carleton students have suggested the Theme for the Madawaska Valley:  ROCK, WOOD, and GREENS.  It is what we do with these things that will make us unique and ‘showcase’ our Community.    Let’s get engaged !

Light refreshments will be available.


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Project Update – February 2013

Jim Mountain from Carleton University Architecture School is preparing a report for greening Main Street Madawaska Valley based on the discussions held with the community and the of work his students. Jim is targeting the end of February for the final report which will be available on this site. There will be a follow up meeting in Barry’s Bay in the first half of March to discuss the report and approaches for getting the greening projects implemented. The date and venue of the meeting will be confirmed by the end of February.

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Greening Main Street: The National Program

Greening Main Street:
It’s not just about flower boxes. 

In 1979 the Heritage Canada Foundation (HCF) embarked on a bold plan: a comprehensive effort to halt the decay and destruction of traditional main streets in Canadian towns and cities and set them on a path of recovery. It was called Main Street.
Four years into the project, Pierre Berton, chair of HCF’s board, called Main Street “the most important and effective work” of the foundation.
Since it’s beginning, Greening Main Street has helped over 1500 towns across North America revitalise their  economic and social vitality. With time-tested strategies, our Township will benefit from the plans being developed by the Carleton Planning Class.

To read more about the background of the program,
follow this link to Heritage Canada.        http://tinyurl.com/agfc9vw


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Greening Main Streets: Madawaska Valley

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